Monday, December 31, 2007


What brings a new year? Candies of happiness or candles of sorrow. But I set my resolution I will be simple and more human in 2008.I will devote 1 hr to write regularly. I will be happier than the last year. I will be more creative than the last year. I will be go back to my simple rustic life. I will be contentful and resourceful. I will read 50 pages regularly.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Turtle Family

I had seen a beautiful cinema at last IFFK. Turtle family. Apparently the so called Jury neglected the film. I like the mood, characters and the plot of the film. Uncle manuel is superb. Like most of the films screened in the festival the story revolved around a restless family.The key visual image in the film is uncle manuel's turtles. He is the key man who had connection with the family members. Turtle Family is a slow moving family. Hats off to Ruben Imanz

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

About Office Politics

These days I am subjected to a prey for office politics. If you are working with a good for nothing colleques you will face this kind of problems. Through my experience few things about this agony. First never try to give anyone in an opportunity into your office through you. Do only the jobs assigned to you.Never try to teach your boss and colleques. Dont yell to approve your ideas in the office, because let them go ahead with their mundane ideas. If you can't cope up with the group quit the firm as soon as possible. Keep mum in office meetings. Dont disclose any secret to your supporters because they turn to be your enemies soon. Always wear a false smile and always wish your colleques. Support them. otherwise you will fall in the pit like me. Go ahead.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

About Jean Genet

Last saturday I went to the old bookshop. I love to read damped dusty books. Scanning through the books I found Genet's Our Lady of The Flowers. The erotic masterpiece that shooked the corners of the solid society. I decided not to bargain for this, I take the book and asked the price. The boy told Rs.20/-. Oh god Genet worth only 20 rupees. Back with60 km in speed I start to reading...there is no word to count the experience. I went the old book shop last day again I found Genet, now it is Theifs Journal. Again 20 Rupees. Genet will never believe this.