Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Exist

waking to a day of possibilities
everyday new hope and new dreams
ash sky with withered dreams
setting with anguish and dismay
fearing unintrepeted dreams
I exist

Monday, April 28, 2008

About Cultural Centres

We have 2 cultural centers in the city. One is Russian and other is French. Russian Cultural center is in a dilapidated situation, they stocked a good pile of old-marxist-leninist malayalam traslation books, these books were the study class material of communist party of india, kerala.
The only russianness of russian center reflects through librarian's moustache. I found a tiny spider webbed its art in the tiny russian flag lying in the desk. French people always boast themselves, wine, painting, piano they have typical things at stoke. No new books in their library only French books. And a cultureless director...we have 2 close these 2 cultural centers

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No escape from Art

Devil And God is dual existance of man..I belive so. When I trail the path of artistic life of Paul Gauguin I found this truth. I had read Somerset Maugham"s The Moon and Sixpence and Mario Vargas Ilosa's The Way To Paradise , amazed by the beauty and power these two books and the artist soul these two books discussed I spellbound by the shere beauty of the Gauguin's life.Day and night I ponder over the power of artist and his very agonizing life. I found Gauguin as saddist and seducer. I found Guguin as spiritual child and spirited god. An artist with revenge.After reading Guaguin i had headaches for two days. Never-before I trail a painter like this I had surfed all his painting and download and created a folder. Black magic is the power of art Ilosa wrote in The Way to Paradise. Really Guguin spell cast on me there is no escape from art

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reading Rajanikanth sorry Rajani Cinema

We worship star gods and godesses. Like any Rajani fan I used to whistle and giggle when a Rajani movie is running on the screen. While reading Gayathri Sreekanth's THE NAME IS RAJANIKANTH I felt that irrestible instict to race my voice. Every page I clasped because Gayathri is trying to create an aura behing the star. The most funny thing in the book is that Gaythri tried to traslate some famous punch dialogues of Rajani. Example: Movie-Padayappa- En vazhi thani vazhi-My way is unique, Movie-Baasha-Naan Oru thadavu sonna, nooru thadavu sonna mathiri-If I say it once. I laughed and roared after reading the traslation..Hureeh


Piercing Summer
Golden glow of the summer evening
A cat on the terrace
Oh god! Iam in a good mood
Rushed to the roadside teashop
Have a tea and wills

Tuesday, April 1, 2008



Gloomy Sunday was his favourite youtube video. Mario Vargos Illosa was his favourite latin american novelist. He talked a little but walked a lot. He was simple but never humble. Suicide attempts was his preferred hobby in orkut profile. His orkut album contains 6 photos with hidden faces. His writings shocked the politician and the potential reader. He was a complete mystery to his friends. He was a passive listenter in nightlong orgies. He wore cotton shirts and cotton trousers. A cap less pen was his weapon. He lodged with cheap lodges available in the city.He attended film festivals regularly. 6 attempts atlast he won the game.