Monday, October 27, 2008

Mobile Proud

We are PROUD about different things. As an interesting human behaviour this reflect our socail standing and the very character of the individual. Hosewifes were PROUD about their kitchen..the utensils...cooker...6 ltr refrigerator...6 kg washing machine etc...this Proud is called KP(Kitchen Proud). Mothers were Proud aboutt their Younger Sons...they proudfully exhibit their YS in social gathering and Proudly Praise their virtues...this is calle YSP..( Younger Son Proud) and follows Car Proud, Garden Proud, Dog Proud, Degree Proud, etc, etc.... But these days I found a new set of people who were Proud of their cell phones...Just look found a guy Proudly exhibit his brand new Mobile to an admiring crowd..this is called MP - (Mobie Proud)

Friday, October 24, 2008


Leila Aboulela's MINARET is a beautiful read. The story revolves around the life of Najwa. Born in an elite, respectful Sudanese family, Najwa falls into the pit of downtrodden life with coup of Sudanese Government, where his father was once an influential businessman and politician. After his father's arrest Najwa and her family moved to London. She found her very self in the urban, globalized England , and she starts her search for true self and faith. After her mother's untimely demise and her brother's arrest for dealing with drugs, Najwa started to work in rich Sudanese household for a living.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Bleak House

I like Gothic Literature. I like forsaken bleak houses abandoned in countrysides. Once I visited such a bleak mansion. The very house is surrounded with creepers and age-old trees, an ancient gate is ornamented with a wood nameplate which read as CHACKO VARGHESE, PUTHUPARAMBIL . I never know who is this Chacko is. But through the transparent window I had seen his families entire photo hanged in the walls. Photographs of a heavy moustache man in formal suit and a dazzling looking girl in midie and top. May be the man is Chacko and the lass is his daughter. But I never forget the piercing eyes of the girl.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Happiness is an Old Saint,
Sitting in a tavern with unhappy drunkards
Joy is a virgin
Born and brought up in a brothel
Calmness is an innocent son
Killed by his way-ward cruel father
Silence is a wife
Hanged by his husband
A human
In search for Happiness, Joy, Calmness and Silence

Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Lineage

Everybody boasts 'Lineage' or ancestry or bloodline of descent but I hate this. I love Heathcliff like brats and their very struggle to exist in a fucking lineage driven world. Kings, Rulers, PMs, Musicians, Bollywood stars, Gandhi clan of Indian Politicians,Writers, Cricket Players, Actors, even whores boasts about rich lineage. Recently I had seen Cilnt Eastwood's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...I love the pirates and their very existance. I love the great people who emerged from street and forcefully captured the power of wealth, power and fame from the hands fucking lineage sons and duaghters of this bad world. Huree to all tramps and pirates

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Working in an FM Station I am forced to listen film songs in a non-stop manner. Daily 8 hrs of Malyalam-Tamil-Hindi songs. Apparently every corner of our station is studded with blaring automated speakers, even in pantry I can't keep away from songs. Songs!!!. In malyalam lyrisists they have particular love to certain words such as Makara Manju- Winter Snow, Kalli Penne- thief girl, Kuliru- Chill, Kinavu-Dream, Mizhithumpu-brim of the eyes, peyyuu- shower....Tamil lyristst love to write En Azhake- Oh my beauty, kathal dinam- day of love, nila- moon light, Uyiru- breath to life, Unnai- You, Penne- girl,